Simulation monitoring and Triage

Design Verification tools from VerOps, Inc.

Take your Design Verification flow to the next level.

Fail signatures

Fail Signature Binning and Triage

Related simulation failures are automatically binned into distinct buckets, based on fingerprint signatures, so failures can be triaged through a workflow.
Regression tracking Simulation jobs

Regression Tracking

Simscope tracks user regressions, automatically capturing pass/fail information, test context, and statistics.

View both live and historical analytics.

Simulation history plot

Simulation Plots

View simulation job metrics graphically, to optimize regression ordering, locate outlier job performance, and see job history.

Jobs can be grouped by pass/fail or fail fingerprints.

Real-time simulation stats Activity table

Realtime Statistics

Statistics are automatically aggregated on a daily basis, and displayed in real-time, to provide instant feedback of project progress:
  • Pass/fail ratios
  • Fail fingerprints
  • Simulation time
  • Simulation cycles
Job details

Capture Job Metrics and Artifacts

Capture log information, error messages, CPU time, simulation cycles, or any other metric associated with a job.

Historical jobs can be queried or drilled down into.

Plugin Architecture

Integrates into your existing design automation flow. APIs available for Perl, Python, Ruby, etc.

Simscope is a complementary solution to your current workflow, not an overhaul.

Simulator and Queue independent

Works with Synopsys VCS and Cadence NCSIM.
Command-Line Interface

Command-Line Interface (CLI)

In addition to a web interface, Simscope provides a full command-line interface, to query live and historical activity, without needing to leave your terminal.

Optimized Database Architecture

Lightning fast database architecture. Scales up to track history on millions of simulation jobs.

Multi-language Support

Integration with Verilog, SystemVerilog, and SystemC.